It's As Easy As 1-2-3!

Hiring a professional to drive your moving truck is as easy as 123. Not only do we drive your rental truck, above all we guide you through the entire moving process. Unlike the other guys we are there with you from start to finish and even after your move. You are in control of your move the entire time therefore you enjoy a stress free move.

Step 1. Fill a driver quote request on this page. Then you will receive an email with a detailed quote instantly.

Step 2. We review the quote with you and together we will plan logistics of your move and book the driver's return transportation.

Step 3. On the day of your move your driver will pick up your loaded truck and then deliver your truck safely to your new home.


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A Better Way To Move!

Right now, you're in the process of moving. If you've contacted a traditional moving company, you've likely already received dozens of unsolicited texts, emails, and phone calls, you've been on the receiving end of high-pressure sales pitches, and you're trying to figure out pricing structures that don't make sense and aren't transparent.

The Difference
Rented Truck Driver vs. traditional moving companies

  • Your belongings are never packed into a shared truck and then unloaded and reloaded repeatedly.
  • You won't be waiting for days or weeks, wondering where your things are.
  • You won't get a call from a moving company, demanding hundreds or thousands of dollars to complete your move.
  • You won't have to wonder if your precious belongings are missing or damaged.

Our process is better, our customer service is better, and your stress-free moving experience is our top priority.

If you've moved with a traditional moving company in the past, you've dealt with the stress and uncertainty of not knowing when your belongings will arrive at your new home, you've likely been hit with surprise charges totaling hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and you've sorted through damaged belongings searching for items that didn't even make it to your destination.

I've been there.

I started Rented Truck Driver because I knew that there had to be a better way to move, without the stress and uncertainty that consumers experience when they hire traditional moving companies. I wanted to provide a hybrid-service that was cost-effective, with a pricing structure that was easy to understand, without the hidden fees and last-minute charges, where your belongings stay on one truck, driven by one professional driver all the way from your old home to your new one.

  • No barrage of unsolicited calls or emails.
  • No surprise charges.
  • No long and unpredictable delivery windows.
  • No damaged or lost belongings.
  • No pressure.
  • No surprises.
  • No stress.

We tailor your moving experience to meet your needs. From the moment you request a quote, to your arrival at your new home, we're with you every step of the way.

With Rented Truck Driver

  • You can count on clear and constant communication
  • Easy to understand pricing and payment structure
  • An honest, professional, and transparent process

We have over 300 five star reviews on the
Better Business Bureau. Here's what you can expect:

"From the moment I contacted Frank for our cross country move, he was responsive and explained everything, answered questions, etc." —  Alan H
"Nothing missing or broken and no scheduling nightmare. I would highly recommend this company to anyone for any moving situation requiring a professional experienced driver?" —  Eric Y
"Thank you Frank and Jerry for making this move so much less stressful, it allowed my husband and myself to drive down in one vehicle and make some really great memories along the way. It was WELL worth the money." —  Cathy S.

Our Process

Our process begins with your instant no-obligation estimate. With the information you've provided on our website, we generate a custom quote that takes into account your selected move date, your location and destination, the type of truck, and whether or not you need your vehicle transported along with your belongings. Think of the quote as the blueprint for your perfect move. Although this quote is not a booking, it will give you an overview of the costs (usually the estimate is within $100 of the actual cost) that you can expect when you book with us.

Once you've decided to book with us and have reviewed your agreement, you'll make your first payment, which includes the initial deposit and your driver's travel expenses. Once your deposit is paid, your agreed-upon cost is locked in. (We say this a lot, but it bears repeating, there are never hidden costs or surprise charges when you book with Rented Truck Driver. The price in your final agreement is the price that you pay.) We will then introduce your driver via a conference call. We will listen to your needs, discuss the particulars of your move, and answer any questions that you might have.

A few days prior to pick up, you'll be invited to a group chat with your driver and our support team. From there, you can track your driver's progress and confirm that we are on schedule, discuss the locations of any necessary stops, and have any additional questions answered. On the day of your move, your driver arrives at your location and drives your rented truck safely to your destination.