Hiring A Rental Truck Driver

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Hiring A Rental Truck Driver

5 Charities That Pick UP Your Donations

One of the first steps for a successful DIY (Do It Yourself) move is to get rid of all the stuff you don’t need anymore. You could load these items on your rental truck to take to your new home, or you could donate them. When you donate, your old household goods go to...


I am often asked by clients “how do I know that I can trust your driver, he is taking all of my stuff?” It is a fair question; you are turning over your possessions many of which may have sentimental value and can’t be replaced.  I am confident in our drivers.  They...

Can Someone Else Drive my U-Haul?

Moving from one home to another is always stressful. This is true even when the new place offers an exciting environment and new personal and professional opportunities. You may think that a do-it-yourself move is the way to go. You decide that renting a U-Haul moving...

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