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About Rented Truck Driver

Why Use Rented Truck Driver?

You will not find better reviews in the industry. We are proud to say that we have over 500 Five Star Reviews on the Better Business Bureau.

How Do I Hire A Driver

We understand the stress and anxiety which is caused when moving, so we have made hiring a professional rental truck driver as easy as 1-2-3

1. Request a quote here. You will get an instant email with the cost to hire a moving truck driver.
2. We will plan your move with you and book the driver’s return travel.
3. Our driver will pick up your loaded truck and deliver it safely to your new home.

Is Rented Truck Driver licenses and bonded?

Yes. Rented Truck Driver is a Florida LLC with Federal DOT number 3697327.

How much does it cost to hire a moving truck driver?

The cost to hire a moving truck driver is between 85 cents per mile to 153 cents per mile. The rate is based on the size of the truck that you rent.

Do the drivers load the truck?

No, our team is seasoned, professional drivers, and do not load or unload the truck.

Will my quote expire?

This moving truck driver quote is a close representation of the costs of hiring a driver. Once you receive a Final Agreement and pay the deposit your price is locked in. Please note: Airfare is subject to change.

How accurate is the quote?

Our initial estimate and may vary slightly. Once you have a final agreement the cost usually does not increase by more than $200.00. Included in the price is the driver service cost, hotels, Fuel, food, transportation to and from the airport (and if needed tolls).

Rental Moving Truck Questions

Do rental truck companies provide drivers?

Rental truck companies like Penske do not provide drivers to drive their moving trucks. However, there are services out there that do drive such as Rented Truck Driver.

Can I hire someone to drive my rented Penske truck?

Yes, you can hire a professional driver for your Penske or any rental truck. Moving trucks can be difficult to drive so it is smarter to hire a pro.

How much fuel does a rental moving truck use?

Rental companies claim that a 26-foot rental truck gets 10 miles per gallon, but when it is fully loaded with cargo the truck will actually get an average of six miles per gallon.

Does the driver need to stop at weigh stations when driving a Penske rental truck?

The laws vary from state to state. Some states require that all trucks stop at the weigh stations. The driver will stop at all weigh stations that require it.

How many hours are drivers allowed to drive a rental truck each day?

D.O.T. regulations do not allow a driver to drive more than eleven hours per day. They actually drive ten hours and allow one hour for fuel.

How many miles are drivers allowed to drive a rental truck each day?

D.O.T. regulations will not allow a driver to drive any more than 600 miles per day. This is based on D.O.T. rules.

Rent A Truck Driver

Do you background check your moving truck drivers?

All of our 44 drivers are thoroughly vetted and fully background checked by SSC, Inc. Corporate Services based in Shelton CT.

What information is in your driver background checks?
We conduct the most rigorous background checks in the industry for all driving candidates, including three nationwide database searches, County-by-county residential searches covering the driver’s entire adult life, Pedophile search, Social security number trace, and driver license check.

Any potential driver whose background check reveals the following will not be considered: Felonies, Sex offenses, DUIs in the past 5 years, 2+ moving violations in the past 5 years, or any accidents in the past 5 years.
When will I receive my driver's information?

In the Final Agreement, you will also receive the driver’s name, phone number, email address, and a link with the driver’s biography.

How do I communicate with the driver?

A few days prior to the vehicle pick-up, you will be invited to a group chat with your driver and our support team. From there, you can track the driver’s progress and confirm that we are on schedule, discuss the locations of any necessary stops, and have any additional questions answered.

Is the driver located in this area or will he be flown in?

We check the driver’s availability and try to find a driver close to your start or delivery destination, to save on airfare. There is always at least one flight necessary.

If a driver is flown in, do I have to pay for that as well?

Yes, the airfare is calculated and added to the final agreement.

How much will the Driver's travel cost?

Driver’s airfare and ground transportation are usually around $350-$650 when the driver’s airfare is booked at least three weeks before the date of pickup of the airfare. Please note that the closer the airfare is booked from the date of pickup the more expensive it will become.

Who books the drivers' travel?

Amtrak/ Airfare/ Rental Cars, Shuttles, Taxies, and Ubers: are booked by RTD and are to be paid for by you.

Are hotels included in the price?

Yes, starting from the vehicle pickup to the delivery of the vehicle, hotels are included in the price. Please note: If the driver is required to arrive a day earlier or if we cannot get him a flight on the day of delivery, then you are required to pay for that additional hotel.

Will the driver find his own hotel or do we book it for him where we stay?

The driver finds and books his own hotel. The driver knows the optimal route for your move. He has carefully mapped out the drive and has included the cities that he will stop in. Keep in mind that sometimes traffic, weather, and or road conditions may change his original plan.

Renting A Moving Truck And How The Insurance Works

Do you rent the truck for us?

We DO NOT handle anything to do with the renting of your moving truck. We only provide the driver after the truck is already rented by you.

Is Rented Truck Driver affiliated with any rental Companies?

Yes, we can now help you save 11% on your Penske truck rental. Use the promo code: “RTDMOVE” Click on this link https://rentedtruckdriver.com/penske-moving-trucks/ or call 844-995-0576 and SAVE!

We have been approached many times by Penske’s competitors to send our dear clients over to them to book their trucks. We have refused to work with anyone other than Penske and we are proud to be able to offer you a substantial discount for the best rental trucks on the road.

How does the insurance work when hiring a driver to drive my rental truck?

The truck must have FULL insurance coverage that is to be purchased by you from the rental company that you are renting the truck from.

When using a Penske truck the insurance coverage is: Penske Plus Bundle

If we will be a towing vehicle on a Penske Auto Transporter the insurance is: Towing Insurance (TWI)

How can I add driver information to the Penske reservation?

To add one of our drivers to a Penske reservation just forward the email to RTD and we will handle the rest. It is always better to add the driver before the truck is picked up from the Penske rental location

Rented Truck Driver Costs

What are the payment terms?

Payment 1) A deposit of 1/3 of the service cost plus the driver’s air travel/Amtrak cost paid via Credit Card.

Payment 2) At the vehicle pick up, the payment due to the driver will include 1/3 of the service cost plus the estimated fuel, toll cost, rental car, and hotels if applicable.

Payment 3) At vehicle delivery, the driver is to be paid 1/3 of the service cost. Fuel and toll receipts will be calculated and then the funds will be dispensed to whom there is a balance. All ground travel (ex. taxi, Uber, shuttle to and from locations) is to be paid at this time.

The driver is to be paid in CASH, WIRE TRANSFER, CASHIER’S CHECK, or ZELLE.

Are there any additional charges?

Once you have a Final Agreement, the only additional charges that you could expect to pay could be waiting time or Trailer hookup/ discontent wait time.

How is the truck's fuel calculated and paid?

We give you an estimated fuel cost and it is to be paid at the vehicle pickup. Upon delivery, the receipts will be calculated and then the funds will be dispersed to whom there is a balance.

Who pays for the fuel?

You are required to pay for the fuel. We provide you with an estimated fuel cost and it is to be paid at the vehicle pickup. Upon delivery, the receipts will be calculated and then the funds will be dispersed to whom there is a balance.

What if I have to cancel my move?

Rest assured that 100% of your deposit and if applicable, any airline remaining credit (less booking costs) will be applied to any future jobs with us.

Towing a Vehicle behind a Moving Truck

Can you tow a car behind a moving truck?

Yes, a car can be towed behind a moving truck. You must first confirm with the rental company that your car will fit on the car trailer. You must also rent the “auto transporter” from the rental truck company.


How much to tow my car behind the moving truck?

We will tow your car behind the moving truck for an additional 15 cents per mile with a $200 minimum charge You must also rent the auto transporter from the rental truck company. An auto transporter has all four of the vehicle’s wheels off the ground.


Are all your drivers experienced in towing a car?

Yes, Every driver has the ability to tow a car behind a 16′ – 26’ rental truck.

Do you need my car keys if it's being towed?

Yes, we must have the keys to open and operate it. This becomes extremely important if the car trailer breaks down and it has to be offloaded onto another trailer.

Does the driver check on the vehicle during transport?

To ensure the safety of your vehicle, the driver will check the safety chains and the tire tie-downs just before he enters the highway for the first time, at every fuel stop, and when he crosses state lines.

Can I place items in the vehicle when it's being towed?

You may load the trunk of the vehicle, but you cannot load any part of the car where items can be seen from the outside. (No, you cannot put a blanket over the items).

Additional Information When Using RTD

Can I ride in the truck?

No, for liability reasons we do not allow clients to be passengers.

Can I load items in the Cab of the truck?

Nothing is to be loaded in the cab of the truck, for drivers and the safety of your belongings.

Does the driver need to have the key to the cargo hold?

Yes the driver needs the key to open the truck in case he is stopped at a weigh station or by law enforcement.

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